Black widow spider smiles her pretty smile,
you're poisioned by her beauty, entangled in her vile...

クモ - 女王

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      “Of course you do..” He responded easily, his tongue slipping through his asperous teeth to lend his words a lithe fluidity. There was no use adopting his faux persona that he presented the mortals with; this woman wasn’t to be fooled. “..after all, it’s the logical truth. You must agree with it, lest you leave any leeway for lesser minds to assume some unintelligence in you.”

      He chuckled in lieu of her compliment, his deceivingly broad shoulders straightening beneath the vibrant blue hue of his suit.


      “..I could say the same of you.” He responded, returning the propriety of her manner with a sweeping bow and an introduction of his own.

      “…I am Nougami Neuro; the demon who ate all of hell’s mysteries.”

          ⊰ ☠ ⊱——-;; Dark purple hues were calm as the witch had her eyes staring upon the male, her thoughts on him were quite neutral, for she still knew little of him. However, that still did not mean that she wasn’t intrigued by the aura, and type of character he displayed. Arachne kept her fan over her face, a light smirk was made but not seen for it was hidden behind the webbed object that she held so proudly.

The woman lowered her eyes as Neuro took his bow —— how delightful, so, it would appear that he knows his place…and how to treat a lady, like herself.


       ❝It’s truly an honour, and who would have known that I would have come across such a being, and here of all places.❞ A demon? Oh yes, this was truly someting to be delighted about.

       ❝However, I’m quite curious to know what sort of interest a demon like yourself… would have here. Surely, such a devilish being would have no desire to be among mortals…❞ She would know, being a witch—— her lifespan is far more great than any mere human, and she occasionally finds her interest in them to be…short. 

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                                      ⊰- Headcanon -⊱

Most would wonder as to why a woman with such exquisite beauty as Arachne is not in a relationship, most would wonder why she doesn’t seem all too concerned with seeking out a man. For the reason? It’s quite simple.

Arachne resembles the Black Widow, yes —— she does possess a motherly side to her, but in truth it’s usually to manipulate. However, as for the reason she does not seem to be in any sort of relationship, it’s because she often kills her mates, usually during or after they’ve engaged in certain activities. Now, it’s not always the case, she sometimes, however it’s rare…let’s them live, but usually because they’re useful, or perhaps she really does care for them?


☝: "Drinking always sounds like fun, doesn’t it? Provided—-you don’t have too much. Anyways, suppose I’ve rambled? I’d love to have a drink with you, miss.”


     ⊰ ☠ ⊱——-;; ❝Yes, indeed… Too much would show a lack of manners.❞ The witch glanced at the male, a slight smirk sat upon her face. ❝Please, call me Arachne, ‘tis a pleasure.

As Arachne spoke, her hand picked up the bottle of fine red wine; pouring it into two glasses.


image"Is it wine or blood?"

     ⊰ ☠ ⊱——-;; ❝Why, that all depends… Which would you prefer?❞